PermaLink Howto install grub on SW raid01-02-2007 06:57
You use a md device to boot your system ? For some reason you want to be able to boot from any of the disks ? Here's how to install grub to boot correctly.

PermaLink Remote Server-Upgrade from SuSE 10.1 to openSuSE 10.231-01-2007 12:27
Yast'em up (Yast System update), no errors, reboot ... feel your heart beating, the blood pumping through your veins ... wait for the ping to reply ... take another sip from your glass if wine ... still nothing ... uargh ...

PermaLink gdm hangs after dbus update to 1.0.222-01-2007 11:43
After today's emerge --sync I found dbus to be updated to sys-apps/dbus-1.0.2, but being blocked by sys-apps/dbus-0.62-r2. Unmerging the current dbus ebuild with emerge -C and emerging the most current dbus ebuild resulted in a gdm hang at startup, showing a blank X11 screen and the clock-cursor, but no login...

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