PermaLink Remote Debugging Agents ... but where are they ...01/11/2007 01:58 PM
Today I had to remote debug an agent on a Domino 7.0.x Server running on Solaris 10 in a production system.
Smells like business as usual, but why can't I find this crappy thing connecting with the Remote Debugger ? One of these days ... go digging ...

Well at first, move ahead, edit Serverdocument, load rdebug (meantime solve some connection issues because of 3 different IP Interfaces and rdebug binding to the wrong one ...), prepare the agent, connect to Remote Debugger, select database ... where the hell is the agent ?
I've no clue, what finally brought me to the solution (after crawling through some TNs), but I simply moved the database to the server's root directory. Voila !
Seems like the Remote Debugger is not able to handle databases in sub-directories ... bug or feature ? ... I have to think about it ... :cry: ... annyoing ...


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